Graduate student at University of Michigan

Evolo Competition - Architecture

The “WINDY” Tower

Evolo Skyscraper Competition

individual work,2017


Interior Perspective (1)


The site of the building is located 2300 feet north of the city of Chicago. The famous lake of Michigan is due to its east, a large area of green is to the north, while a number of high rising buildings sit right to the south. So, the specialty of site gives the skyscraper an opportunity to make people seeing the beautiful views.The traffic condition around the site is very convenient for the public. The express high way is right to the east, with a number of secondary main roads around it. In side of the site, Base on the characteristic of the “wind city”, there are sufficient amount of wind that blows to the west-south direction from the lake of Michigan.


Site + Location Analysis


The form of the building is shaped in the way that corresponds to the different aspects of the wind itself, while the human circulation and the variety of spaces are also to embrace the fluidity and other aspects of the wind.


Site + Building Form Analysis


Building Main Floor plans + Interior Perspective (2)


This building also focuses on the sustainable features to make the human-environment interactions more harmoniously. Inside of the “Belt”, the green balcony goes all the way from the bottom to the top to make it a “sunroom” space. This feature can help the residences of the building offset the cold winter of Chicago and live a healthy life.


Building Elevations


Outdoor Perspective of The “Windy” Tower