Graduate student at University of Michigan

Tales of Tieton - Architecture

Architecture Project

The Lonely Collector

Tales of Tieton

Studio work of senior year at University of Washington,2017


Outdoor perspective (1) of the dwelling/museum of the collector


At dusk, Silence drops inevitably.

It has been three month since the collector came

here to the city of Tieton. Today, He accidentally

found his diary from the past.

He starts reading: “ December 25th, 2014,

I started my business on a Christmas day,

and I hope the good luck may come upon me

and my works.”

After that, he takes a deep breath, and says:

“What was I thinking?” He sneers.

As a hard-working artist who is interested in

agricultural sculptures, he never thought he

could have failed in the city atmosphere

that he was so familiar with.

After that, he continues reading…

“June 30th ,2016, the city of Tieton does not fit me either.

It was great for me to get feedbacks of my works through

the exhibition. Yet, people here are too open-minded.

I think I must already being influenced by the city

atmosphere when I came here because I don’t like to

talk to people.


Indoor Public Area Perspective (1)


Indoor Public Perspective (2)


Indoor Private Living Area Perspective (1)


Indoor Private Living Area Perspective (2)


Building Sections and Outdoor Perspective (2)

Building Model/Maquette Works