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The Growth - Architecture

Architecture Project


SITE CAME FROM rtkl summer internship

individual work,2016


Indoor(1) + Outdoor(1) perspectives


Area + Climate Analysis + Indoor Perspective (3)


The site of the Museum is located in the district of Hailaer, which is about 18000 feet south from the city of Hulunbuir. It is a beautiful place where the Yimin River is flowing from north to the south due to its west while a number of water channels intersect with the landscape at its around. There are schools and art museums inside the city. So, there are indeed the present of the objects of scientific education. At last, the specialty of the location of the site gives people a preset that the experience that they can get is quite tedious.


Site Analysis and Line-work Building Section


Inside of the site, the form of the botanic garden is determined by the cooperation of the previous four points with the experiencing sequence and the growing concept of the seed.


Circulation Diagrams


Outside Renderings