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Archielp is an App that enables Taubman college students to share and co-use their resources, especially the materials needed for making models. Architecture students have been struggled throughout the model making process about lack of materials. Besides that, Archielp is also a platform for students to communicate and consolidate the relationship with each other. The APP name “Archielp” comes from Architecture+help. It emphasizes the idea of helping others within the architecture community. Students who need help from other people need to help others first.


Checkout and play with our prototype below:

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Research Process

User Journey:

The biggest Problem is lacking materials when making models.

Before creating a social platform for students to share resources and help each other, we studied and further familiarized with the process of model making and people’s behavior when they are trying to get materials. During the process, we encountered several hindrances that will cause either the failure of making, or the social problems like losing social credit and wasting money. By creating the User Journey map, My partner and I will be able trim down the focal points and suit the remedy to the case.

painpoint diagram-3.jpg

User Interview/ Contextual Inquiry

Deep Interviews:

Based on 5 deep interviews, my partner and I have realized and familiarized with the frustration of Taubman college architecture students concerning the issue of lack of Materials in model making. We have categoried all of their problems in 5 main types listed below.

painpoint diagram-1.jpg
  • Need materials for model making during non-opening hours for all the shops and campus resources near studio.

  • A waste of money to buy new ones/cans if individuals want to use a minimum amount of tools/materials.

  • Unparalled information among students, so that people don’t know who has the tools/materials that they can borrow from.

  • The fact of that may also cause other people to take owners’ tool without permission.

  • High risk for owners. Borrowers may not/forget to return the tools/materials they have borrowed.

  • There’s not benefit for the tools/materials owner to borrow their own stuffs to others.


Brainstorming Solutions

Affinity Map

Based on the 5 main problems, we were brain storming solutions that can solve those 5 points. Each of the sticky note stands for one idea of possibility.

affinity map-1.jpg

Story Board

From the affinity map, we tried to emulate the process of a student’s experience using Archielp.


Wireframe/ lo-fi prototype

The sketches(1st phase) gave us an opportunity to look into details about the sequence that people will go through when using the APP. This is also the step when we kicked in our design.


Low-Fidelity Prototype

The establishment of the wireframes enables us a substantial version (2nd phase) of potential final deliverable. It helps us further familiarize with the user journey when using the app. Also, we had a clearer mind about what each page should look like so that Taubman college students will be guided by each page.


Hi-Fi Prototypes

After examine the design and sequence of the prototypes, we finalized our design and shown here in Hi-Fi Prototypes


Log-in process, students need to log in first before borrowing colleague’s materials. From left to right:

  1. Tools and materials page (saving students time by showing all the useful information on the first page).

  2. The page that people who are not logged in shall see.

  3. Log in page for students, students can type in their unique name and pass word

  4. personal Account page after log in ( credit score, your item, and your feedbacks).


Borrowing-Returning process, students can chat with material owner and choose to renew. From left to right:

  1. Communication page for the borrower and owner so that they can make sure the borrower saw the correct info.

  2. borrower can choose to renew or return the item when time is about to run out (each time slot is 30 minutes). Students with higher score has the priority to take the pre-occupied slot twice a week.

  3. borrower and owner can both leave feed-backs to each other to add credit score.


Posting process, students need to post their materials/tools before borrowing others. From left to right:

  1. Selecting the category of your item that can be borrowed.

  2. Detail information is needed in order to Post.


Archielp’s FORUM!!! Or you can consider it a community chating page!


Future possible adjustments

  1. How to deal with damaged items/materials/tools? is that owner’s responsibility or the borrowers’?

  2. is the current rule that people have higher credit score can have priority to take other people’s spot appropriate? is that a problem in terms of ethical concern?